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Interior Decoration and Architecture

We understand every client is different with unique requirements. Our adroit team of designers and architectures helps you visualize your project in our design and Build Model. We assure concept to completion by assisting you throughout our design procedure and process-driven approach in pursuing the project milestones. We build, design, and decor. Being one of the top Construction Companies in Chandigarh, we believe utility and aesthetics go hand in hand. Our services include Interior Decoration and Architecture to thoughtfully plan and innovatively design your dream project. Many of the leading projects across the country carry emblem of MRC’s agility and excellence. A hardworking team works behind the scene to give you a pleasing and tasteful picture-perfect.

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Our Process

Study and evaluate

We study and evaluate the proposed spaces with a purpose and layout ideas. We will give you the spontaneous examples by which a particular area can be effectively utilized through a thoughtful design.

Inspection walks

We take a walk through every construction stage, take exact measures, and examine the construction activities to move further with the drawings and specifications.

Conceptualize and plan

The real estate architecture design starts from conceptualizing and planning of the construction. Our commercial interior specialist will purpose the idea and layout.

Create drawings

We gather all the information and create designs and schematics layout representing the progress and condition of the various construction activities.

Verify applicable construction codes

Our designer will verify all the applicable elements like safety, environmental friendliness, etc. You also get to know the finishing details, color, furniture, equipment, and related objects.

Create As-Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings will be presented to the client that represents the finished site, layout out furniture, and arrangement of the spaces. These drawing will be the base for the upcoming process of structure architecture and selecting material.

Final Design

We will get final approval on the submitted design. We also complete necessary permits, endorsements, and material demands. The entire minor to the major alteration will be completed here.

Throughout the whole process, the project manager will be in-charge for carrying out the entire Interior decoration service all types of communications. The manager ensures the project runs consistently and if any issue occurs, it is addressed timely. We provide Interior design and decoration solutions for industrial plants, office buildings, government hospitals, retail offices, commercial mall, and your specific requirement.