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Corporate Environment

Following that the intentional environment allows employees and business to reach greater potential, to us, the environment is more than the sum of its surrounding and collection of things filling the space. The corporate surrounding is the catalyst of culture and thoughts. We have well-equipped, modern, and attractive corporate ambiance that gives birth to new ideas. The team just does not happen; it has to be built. Hence, to keep them going and motivated, we create influential corporate inside and strive to improve everything around it. All products from tables to the tops are from trusted and nationally recognized brands. We seek to create workplace and furnishings that motivate, endure, and evolve. The machinery, tools, equipment, and raw material all are maintained and employed in the state-of-the-art environment. Our management also ensures quality, environment-friendliness, health, and safety.

Everything starts from inside-out. We believe that living the brand is most important than just talking about it. In addition to actions and interactions, we grow and strengthen our brand position by keep our employees happy with the best of the corporate environment. Though it takes time and a good amount of efforts, we create strong and brand-centric culture. We are very sensitive towards our mother nature. We take care that our methodologies and equipment are environmental-friendly and cause minimal to no harm.

Environment Sustainability

We follow a holistic approach, make responsible choices, and integrate environmental protection across all our operations. Adopting greener processes and adhering to best practices, we do the optimum utilization of energy sources and eliminate the wastage. Along with a robust business performance, we ensure that the environment also remains in the pink of health. To foster environmental awareness and responsibility within the employees, we conduct the training session at regular intervals. We entrench environmental stewardship within our corporate culture. We regularly review our environmental objectives and targets. We are responsible for the optimal consumption of material and energy. MRC is steadfast towards the improvement of environmental performance.