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Time-bound Project

Fulfilling hard deadlines, delivering time bound projects is our specialty. We are resolute with a belief that date of delivery is of paramount importance just as the delivery itself. MRC takes-up government as well as private time-bound projects and delivers them all on time. For us, meeting the deadlines is a very crucial factor for our project success and value. All the modern schools that have been built by MRC were the time-bound turn-key projects and completed in a span of less than a year. With extreme dedication, we meet the deadlines accurately and more often, complete the work before the stipulated time.

We follow a holistic approach by jotting down the project requirements and categorizing them based on priority. We allocate the resources, management teams, and machinery to plan the development process with a surety of delivering it before time. With requirement prioritization, we easily get rid of many uncertainties and make the project completion fail-proof. Unlike traditional methods, with MRC there is no room for guess-work and short-cuts. Following critical planning chain and combining expertise, MRC as a team works to complete the time-bound project with an agreeable set of functionality and aesthetics. Throughout the entire process, we take care of the project management, monitoring, and supervision.

Benefits of Time Bound Projects

Meet the tight deadlines accurately without fail

Holistic approach in building the structures to deliver the project on time, every time

Jotting down project requirements and categorizing based on priority

Planning of the development process to ensure before time delivery

NO room for guess-work and short-cuts and that's a BIG NO

Project management, monitoring, and supervision of the project throughout the process