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Our Recruitment Policy

Our recruitment team visits the leading colleges in India, offering wide opportunities to the young engineers for commencing their career. The hiring process is rigorous and seeks for the candidates who match-up with our values, knowledge base, and skill required for the designated post. To top it all, we look for candidates who believe commitment is more than a promise. We look for the one who can combine skills with passion, personality with originality, and innovation with efficiency. We are creatively led, strategically driven, and a fully-compliant one-stop construction solution provider. The candidates who can let us expand this will be welcomed with warm hands.

Orientation Program

All the new entrants go through an orientation program, which gives them an idea about the scope of work and amount of dedication required. It helps them to understand the work ethic and get acquainted with the environment. Deliverable to be started from day one, the program also educates about MRC’s achievement, current projects, and recreation policy.

Initially called as trainees, they will work on the live projects, individual-based assignments, product simulations, and undergo technical as well as non-technical training on-line. It will be a perfect mix of procedural and behavioral programs with a lot of fun-filled activities like Contest, Games, and Cultural Programs. We also perform In-basket exercises, a fun intent to test and identify management talent

Job Categories for Trainees

    A flow of fresh talent keeps MRC young with energy and old with experience. We formulate fresh engineers into future leaders. The selection process comprises of a written test to examine intelligence, personal interview, and medical assessment.

    Significant Roles
    • Technology and product development center
    • Manufacturing technology
    • Material competency Centre
    • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    • International business development
    • Technical services
    • Project Management
    • Construction Management
    • Manufacturing engineering
    • Business services
    • Sales & Marketing

    These candidates get roles specific to their specialization in post-graduation. The candidate will perform activities like design calculations, failure analysis, new product design and manufacturing, new technology development, and troubleshooting. Managing these requires some set of skills and degree of specialization, above the basic knowledge and capabilities of a general graduate. The suitability of a candidate is defined by the academic background and project work. This program trains the candidate with deeper understanding of the technology that enables them to tackle the practical complex problems and pursue further academics through research.

    Significant Roles
    • Research and development
    • Engineering Design and Development
    • New product design and development
    • Process development
    • Project management
    • Quality Management
    • International business management

    We also conduct recruitment program for Engineering Diploma Holders to be hired as Junior Engineer Trainee. We have visited many leading colleges and educational institutions in Chandigarh, Punjab, and other parts of North India. It also includes written test, engineering aptitude assessment, personal interview, and a medical inspection.

    Significant Roles
    • Shop floor supervision
    • CNC machine operation control
    • Tool assembly
    • 3D modeling using AutoCAD drafting and PDS software
    • Plant Maintenance
    • Sales and service
    • Project management
    • Manufacturing services like procurement, QA, etc

    As a trainee, the candidate gains expertise and knowledge to become a management professional who is capable of steering organization to an avenue of growth. We visit premium institutions like IIT, BITS Pilani, and other prestigious colleges for the selection process. The process is further followed by a written test, verbal comprehension, medical inspection, and personal interview.

    Significant Roles
    • Technology and product development Center
    • International business development
    • Project management

    The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) provides the placement opportunities for Chartered Accountant by arranging a placement program across the various cities of the nation. MRC recruits fresh Chartered Accountant through ICAI.

    Significant Roles
    • Financial Accounting
    • Costing & Indirect Taxation
    • Internal Audit
    • Direct Taxation
    • Projects Accountings
    • Treasury
    • Assurance & MIS
    Eligibility Quotient
    • Foundation (in 1st Attempt)
    • Inter CA (both the groups in 1st attempt)
    • Final CA (both the groups in 1st attempt)